1. Participating teams consist of a maximum of two individuals (art & copy).

2. The Competition will take place on May 23 & 24 2013 in Vienna (Austria). The brief will be set out Thursday afternoon. Teams will work on their own entry on Friday. All entries (max. 2 per team) must be completed by 4pm, then the teams have to give a brief presentation (max. 2 minutes) for the jury after which judging takes place.

Presenting multimedia concepts and/or technique are allowed during the presentation for the jury (to support the newspaper advertisements).
- Using internet is permitted.
- It is not permitted to use visuals during the presentation. All concepts must be drawned, one exception, newspapers or parts of newspapers are allowed.

4. Three teams will be nominated by an international panel of judges (senior creatives of the participating countries) chaired by a jury-chairman and will be announced at the end of the day’s session. The chairman will amplify the three entries and then announces which team is the winner. The winners will be those who in the opinion of the judges have met the brief in the most appropriate and original manner. The judges’ decision is final.

5. All materials to compose the brief will be provided by the organizers. Entrants may not bring with them any notes, pre-prepared designs or plans.

6. All drafts, designs, and all materials of whatever nature created by entrants in the course of the Competition or at the BestYET competition, shall remain the property of the creators; however the organizing companies of BestYET are entitled to use and reproduce the entries for the purpose of promoting newspaper advertising.

7. A picture of the winning team will be covering the BestYET logo during 1 year, this is non-negotiable. And the organizing companies of BestYET have the sole and exclusive right to use the logo in any media. The logo may not be changed by any of the parties.

8. The following costs will be met by the BestYET organization:
-  Cost of return flights to the city where the competition is being held (responsibility of local organization)
-  Two nights accommodation and breakfast
-  Evening meal on Thursday
-  Lunch on Friday
All other costs whatsoever including additional transport, accommodation, hotel extras (such as room service and entertainment/TV etc), food and refreshments are the responsibility of the participant.

Travel insurance will remain the responsibility of the participant.