Being labelled the Best Young Team in Europe is a fantastic accolade, however finding the Best Young European Team is no easy task!

BestYET is a creative newspaper competition for junior creative teams that seeks to identify the best young creative minds in the European advertising industry.
Each year 11 different countries host their own national competition that produces two winning teams. These 22 winning teams then participate in the ‘final’ European challenge that makes one team the best in Europe!  

BestYET is a collaboration between different newspaper marketing agencies/trade bodies across Europe, founded in 2002 in Amsterdam.  Together we want to promote the press/ print medium as a creative platform for advertisers.

BestYET is a two day event. Participating countries are France, Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Netherlands, Switserland, Ireland and Belgium. On the first day of the contest the creative teams are given a brief, often directly from the client. The competing teams then have 24 hours to come up with a creative execution that fulfils the brief.  Sound easy? It isn’t! The pressure and tension is in abundance, after all it is a case of the best teams in each country competing against their European counterparts. On top of that with a print campaign one cannot hide behind funky music or moving images, a blank piece of paper is all you have!

The pressure continues when it is time for the teams to present their campaigns to an international panel of high profile industry led judges!  It’s also a great way for young creatives to really get “under the noses” of some top creative directors and to push their profiles further.

In between creating, there is also some time to explore your surroundings and socialize with other participants. BestYET is a fully catered for competition so the teams do get to sample the hosting nation’s culinary delights. The competition does include the travel, subsistence and accommodation expense. The event organization is always to a high standard, which helps to give the teams the time and space they need to concentrate on the task.

The prize

To win BestYET is a fabulous boost to a young creatives career: a picture of the winning team will cover the BestYET logo during 1 year! But the prize is not just the honour however, a 4 day pass to the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival and a stay in one of Cannes’s best hotels is also included. Not bad for a couple of days creating!  Have a lot of fun!